This Barnstable High School composting project is recycling organic waste using waste dehydration while producing excellent compost. Senior Allison Carter partners with the Cape Cod Challenger Club to produce an end product that can “…be used as animal or fish feed, biofuel, mixed with compost, or used as a fertilizer.”

Using an Ecovim Eco 66, Cape Cod’s Barnstable High School can save up to 22,500 pounds of organic waste in one school year. That’s 11.25 tons.

“They process anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds of food waste daily from the 1,100 eighth-, ninth- and 10th-graders participating in the program.”

Barnstable High School senior Allison Carter is a go-getter, and recognized an opportunity to help the environment, help the school, and help some students, too. Partnering with the Cape Cod Challenger Club, an organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life for children and adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities, Carter spear-headed a project to dramatically reduce organic waste.

The Club agreed to fund the purchase of the Ecovim composter if the project would incorporate “…special needs students in collecting, running and maintaining the composter.”

The Cape Cod Times ran a great article about the project, “Barnstable High senior develops compost plan.” They created this video, showcasing both the device and Carter’s obvious enthusiasm and knowledge.

Ecovim uses waste dehydration to reduce food waste

The Ecovim food waste reduction system is a garbage dehydrator, extracting water and transfering the solid matter (food waste and other biodegradable material) into a concentrated compostable material, reducing waste removal costs and improving the environment. In 2014, Massachusetts law required all commercial establishments who generate 1000 pounds of biodegradable waste to contract with a composting firm. The ECOVIM dehydrator will help offset the increased waste removal cost. Read more about on-site waste reduction.


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Can the Ecovim composter save money?

Yes, managing food waste can pay off.

In 2014 Massachusetts law required all commercial establishments generating 1,000 pounds of biodegradable waste per week to contract with a composting firm. Because it can seriously reduce the amount of waste, an ECOVIM dehydrator will help offset the increased waste removal cost.

In fact, the Ecovim composter product can be used as animal food, fish feed, and biofuel, or mixed with other compost and used as fertilizer.

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