About Fitz-Mont Environmental Solutions

We are Greensolutions New England

Herb Montgomery and Mike Fitzgerald created Fitz – Mont Environmental Solutions to provide businesses and individuals environmentally sound products and services. Our product line enables clients to “Go Green” without increasing their operating costs.

Our objective is to be on the cutting edge of innovations which have a positive impact to the environment, are safe to use and have a reasonable return on investment, ROI.

The ECOVIM garbage dehydrator which extracts water and transfers the solid matter (food waste and other biodegradable material) into a concentrated compostable material. Thus you will reduce your waste removal costs and improve the environment. In 2014 Massachusetts law requires all commercial establishments who generate 1000 pounds of biodegradable waste per week to contract with a composting firm. The ECOVIM dehydrator will help offset the increased waste removal cost.

As we move into the future and new advancements in improving our environmental impact continue, Fitz –Mont will be eagerly searching the marketplace for additions to our portfolio. We hope you are as excited as we are with this environmentally conscious product line.

Employment Opportunities

FITZ - MONT has career opportunities for motivated & accomplished sales associates representing all of our product lines.

For additional information contact Herb or Mike.