Ecovim on-site food waste reduction technology

How can Ecovim help my organization? What does it do?

The Ecovim food waste reduction system is a garbage dehydrator, extracting water and transfering the solid matter (food waste and other biodegradable material) into a concentrated compostable material, reducing waste removal costs and improving the environment. In 2014, Massachusetts law required all commercial establishments who generate 1000 pounds of biodegradable waste to contract with a composting firm. The ECOVIM dehydrator will help offset the increased waste removal cost.

Introducing Ecovim

  • The machine is easy to operate
  • Effectively controls odors
  • Completes cycle in 9 -23 hours
  • Minimal Energy usage
  • Reduces organic waste by 85% – 93%
  • Minimal installation
  • No venting or plumbing required No fresh water of enzymes required
  • No green gas emissions
  • Reduces trash hauling a trash liner costs
  • Converts organic waste into re-usable by-products
  • No negative environmental damage from TSS or BOD

Santa Fe school using Ecovim

Converts food waste and other biodegradable materials into concentrated compost.

“Join us in our quest for a greener environment”

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