Ecovim on-site food waste reduction technology

How can Ecovim help my organization? What does it do?

The Ecovim food waste reduction system is a garbage dehydrator, extracting water and transfering the solid matter (food waste and other biodegradable material) into a concentrated compostable material, reducing waste removal costs and improving the environment. In 2014, Massachusetts law required all commercial establishments who generate 1000 pounds of biodegradable waste to contract with a composting firm. The ECOVIM dehydrator will help offset the increased waste removal cost.

Introducing Ecovim

  • The machine is easy to operate
  • Effectively controls odors
  • Completes cycle in 9 -23 hours
  • Minimal Energy usage
  • Reduces organic waste by 85% – 93%
  • Minimal installation
  • No venting or plumbing required No fresh water of enzymes required
  • No green gas emissions
  • Reduces trash hauling a trash liner costs
  • Converts organic waste into re-usable by-products
  • No negative environmental damage from TSS or BOD

Santa Fe school using Ecovim

Converts food waste and other biodegradable materials into concentrated compost.

“Join us in our quest for a greener environment”


  1. EPA Est No. 88161-IN-001
  2. PathoClean® is WoolSafe approved
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  4. PathoCide® Germicial Spray Test
  5. PathoCide Antimicrobial Activity Time-Kill Procedure
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America is going solar and now you can, too.

Viridian and SolarCity make the cleanest energy simple.

Do you want to save money on your energy bill and do something great for the planet? Are you a homeowner with a mostly sunny roof facing south, east or west? Then you owe it to yourself to consider going solar, and Viridian gives you the power to do it – yes, even those of you in the often gray and rainy Northeast. Better than that, we make it easy.

Through our new partnership with SolarCity, America’s leading solar provider, you get:

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The Positives of Electrolyzed Water

Great article (pdf), "The Positives of Electrolyzed Water."
An alternative to chemical cleaners and sanitizers, hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide help you be greener by saving money and increasing sustainability.

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