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Recycling Organic Waste at Local High School

This high school composting project is recycling organic waste using waste dehydration while producing excellent compost. Senior Allison Carter partners with the Cape Cod Challenger Club to produce an end product that can " used as animal or fish feed, biofuel,...


  1. EPA Est No. 88161-IN-001
  2. PathoClean® is WoolSafe approved
  3. OU Kosher approved
  4. PathoCide® Germicial Spray Test
  5. PathoCide Antimicrobial Activity Time-Kill Procedure
  6. PathoClean Cleaning Performance Test
  7. PathoClean Glass Cleaning Performance Test
  8. PathoClean Ocular Irritation Test
  9. PathoClean Dermal Irritation Test

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FITZ - MONT has career opportunities for motivated & accomplished sales associates representing all of our product lines.

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